About Us

About Company

Mike & Co is an innovative home décor textile company that has been designing, creating, and manufacturing luxurious home décor textile collections to over 40+ countries from Europe to Australia and beyond since 2009.

Our passion is to craft timeless and unique collections for you, using the highest quality textiles and unique designs that inspire and help you create the home of your dreams in just seconds.

Our Inspiration

Our inspirations arise from the brightest, most memorable events in your life and our desire to help you create a haven in your home to celebrate these special moments.
Our designers take inspiration from the latest home décor trends. We pull from nature, the way beautiful textures layer together, and how unique colors complement each other. Our goal is to help you create a home that is your sanctuary, the home of your dreams.

Whether you are looking to create a rustic room that almost smells like a campfire just burnt its last ember, a French shabby chic getaway, or an exotic bohemian space, we can help you create your complete dream look. We design complete looks. From decorative throw pillows and pillowcases to colorful tablecloths and decorative table runners, to organic baby sheets, festive wall hangings, to complete decorative master bedroom comforters and sheet sets, to luxurious blackout curtains, with every last detail taken care of so that you can transform the look of your home in just seconds. You can purchase an entire look from a complete collection, or just a few decorative pillows and pillowcases, the choice is yours.

Our Products

Our products are made with decadent blends of Jacquard, premium cotton, and innovative, high-quality fabric blends. We offer everything you need to create your own personal haven at home. From beautifully handmade decorative throw pillows and pillowcases to exquisitely detailed table clothes and table runners to luxurious curtains, romantic bedding sets, plush towels, blackout curtains and more, we offer entire lines for you to transform your home into your dream home in just seconds.

All of our products and textiles are made in Turkey using the finest quality products, fabrics, and practices. All of our fabrics are dyed with OEK-TEX standard 100% certified products without any use of harmful substances. We also use innovating sublimation printing techniques and have created unique outdoor fabrics that are water and stain resistant.
We always specialize in making the highest quality products that are environmentally friendly and safe for all of our customers and all of our products are made with love.
We hope you enjoy our many collections.

Our Collections

Our collections are inspired from the most current trends, the synthesis of nature and art, the way unique colors complement each other, and our desire to help you create the home of your dreams.

We currently offer many different collections with something for every style:
• The Animal Printed Throw Pillow Collection
• The Christmas Collection
• The Thanksgiving Collection
• The Black And White Collection
And More!

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